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Capital Campaign Services

  • Fundraising Assessment and Marketing Plan
  • Capital Campaign Assessment in terms of capacity
  • Mass-based campaign for general gifts
  • Development and implementation of an institutional campaign to include foundations, corporations, organizations and government
  • Design of all public relations and promotional materials attendant to specific fundraising campaigns
  • Preparation of customized materials for each area of the fundraising campaigns
  • Recruitment of individuals to serve on the Fundraising Cabinet
  • Assistance with current sources of income
  • Intensive training of volunteer and professional campaign leadership in the development of current, planned and deferred gifts, and assistance in the recruitment and training of additional volunteers as needed
  • Organization, structure, training and oversight of committees and subcommittees formed to both carry out the initial fundraising campaigns and pursue the long-range permanent Endowment Campaign
  • Assistance with a total Major Gifts campaign, including cultivation of donors, training of solicitors (lay and professional), assistance with solicitation of prospects, and management of the fundraising process
  • Consultation in the planning of fundraising events