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The Shain Group Educational Initiative

Looking for a new approach to renovate or build a facility? Build your organizational capacity? Initiate planned giving for an endowment? We can help. We offer a different approach.

Specifically, we specialize in the following:

  • Raising Public and Private funds for Major CIP New Construction or Facility Renovations
  • Organization Capacity Assessments
  • Marketing & Feasibility Studies
  • Annual Fundraising Campaigns
  • Building an Endowment/Planned Giving
  • Board or Staff Training/Seminars
  • Drafting bylaws, policies
  • Grant writing
  • Event planning;
  • Government relations.

Why Choose The Shain Group to Help Your School?

TSG brings its extensive local, national and international experience and success in raising funds for nonprofit organizations to the charter community. The firm provides services in major gift, capital and planned giving and endowment campaigns as well as in the development of feasibility/marketing studies and leadership recruitment and training. TSG is experienced in both urban and rural communities.

TSG’s National Educational Initiative Team members have extensive experience in tapping a wide variety of sources of funds, developing charter school state level systems, drafting bylaws and policies for boards, drafting charter school laws at the state level, negotiating collective bargaining agreements, working with charter school boards, developing charter school technical tools, assisting charter schools to develop curricula, and working with national and regional charter school organizations.

TSG understands that private schools receive no public funding, and charter schools receive significantly less public funding than regular public schools, seldom receive separate funds for facilities, and are challenged to have adequate funding to sustain their operations from year to year.

What The Shain Group Will Do:

  • TSG will use a proven, multi-dimensional formula for successfully raising capital funds.
  • TSG will bring expertise in qualification and implementation of the New Markets Tax Credit Program – to fund up to one third of facility costs!!
  • TSG will assess and enhance a charter school’s ability to market itself to major funders, including providing award winning technical support in the design and development of high quality collateral marketing materials;
  • TSG will work with public and charter boards and their affiliated nonprofits to build membership knowledge and capacity to engage in successful capital campaigns;
  • TSG will ensure that charters survive and thrive by raising funds for facility rehabilitation, “cash for classrooms” to build new facilities, and the creation of endowment funds and planned giving programs to ensure that charters have the present and future capacity for facility operation, repair and maintenance.
  • TSG will assist in preparing a charter school to apply for key federal loans, such as the Qualified School Construction Bond Program (QSCB), and the Qualified Zone Academy Bond Program (QAZAB);
  • TSG will partner with charter schools to seek a wide range of state, local and federal government funding sources, such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Department of Education, Community Development Block Grants, state grants in aid, and many more;
  • TSG will help private and charter schools tap into major national and regional nonprofit foundations.

The Shain Group’s Capital Campaign Services:

TSG has extensive experience with raising funds for all components of a capital project, including (1) land or building acquisition; (2) professional fees; (3) construction; (4) site preparation; (5) furniture, fixtures and equipment; (6) inspections; (7) administrative and permitting costs; (8) financing costs; (9) insurance; and (10) contingencies.

TSG will help a charter school to improve its rating of “The Five C’s for Lending,” namely credit, competition, capacity, cash flow and collateral.

TSG will help schools build facilities that are highly rated for LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design).

For more information on TSG’s National Charter School Initiative, email us at or call (808) 947-2726.